Not sure I’ll go back to Fig Tree Cafe in San Diego (except maybe to try their coffee trio) and here is why.

San Diego Neighborhood:

The Fig Tree Cafe off of Historic Decatur Rd. is located in a courtyard in the middle of Liberty Station at Point Loma.

When Did I Go to This Coffee Shop?

First week of October, 2019

What Drink Did I Get?

Iced Mexican Mocha

Let’s Talk About Coffee Taste:

Honestly, this was probably one of the worst drinks I’ve ever had. There was literally no a coffee taste. It was like milk. And, it was chunky! Maybe cinnamon clumps? Who knows, but it was gross!

It was also warm. I had to ask for a cup of ice to go with it.

Lukewarm chunky chocolate milk. Not a winner.

(Why didn’t I ask for it to be fixed? Partially because I didn’t want them to know I was reviewing them, and partially because I was engrossed in a great conversation)

Coffee Craft:

I have no clue exactly how they made their drink, as it was a sit down cafe. I am assuming whomever made mine needed to relearn how to serve coffee.

One creative aspect, though, is that the had a coffee trio (like they do with beer). I highly regret not trying that out. Maybe the next time, if I can ever be convinced to go back?


Expensive! It was almost $6 for the drink and that didn’t include tip.


We were mostly on the outside, and it was nice in their patio. The service was poor, we got a few stink eyes from the waitresses and getting them to stop long enough to get me a straw wasn’t easy.


I have no clue if they have things you can buy, but I will say that their tomato soup and grilled cheese looked amazing, even though I didn’t get it. My guess is that this place is more of a food place.

Was it Social Good Coffee?

I don’t think the waitress knew if this coffee had any social good impact, but I had a great conversation with the local authors I was there with, about what fair trade coffee is!


As I mentioned, it was a local author meet-up (one is a tea drinker, so check out her tag on my post in Instagram!)

My Rating of the Fig Tree Cafe:

I’d definitely give the Fig Tree Cafe (in my one experience) only a 1 out of 5 for coffee!


How to Visit this San Diego Coffee Shop:

Maybe your experience will be different!

Visit the Fig Tree Cafe in Point Loma, that directions on google maps are here.