The King’s Craft Coffee Co. had been on my list to visit for a long time, mostly because I liked their name and logo, as it seemed symbolic to me of my faith. However, I was surprised that I actually really enjoyed it and would like to go back again to visit, as their baristas were friendly and I loved sitting in their outside space and appreciated their community mission. The downside it that their hours are only during the day, so not a place to pick up coffee after work.


Poway, deep off of Espola Rd. I found it strange it was right next to a soccer park.


January 25th, 2019 in the morning.


I think I got a vanilla latte, so nothing too crazy.


It was good, nothing really stood out to me (but I am writing this a few months later).


Pretty typical from what I noticed, but now I want to go back to watch them make my coffee again!


The average price in the area, about $5, although I did get a coupon to buy-one-get-one from Entertainment. Their bags of coffee were a little pricey, at about $20 a pop.


I really loved this place. It wasn’t huge on the inside, but it was nicely decorated with counter space and a few other tables/chairs. But what was winning was really their outdoor space. It is wonderful for bringing friends and groups together, almost like a campsite but not. It just made me think “community,” which I believe is their goal. Their WiFi reached outside too, which I was worried about. This outdoor area was what stood out to me as great.


Honestly, I don’t remember seeing any, although you can get their coffee and sweatshirts on their website here. They also have these Growlers listed as something you can get full of coffee, which is pretty cool!

King's Craft Coffee Growler
Image retrieved from the King’s Craft Coffee Co. website

Social Good:

Supposedly, they donate part of their proceeds to non-profits and Rady’s Children’s Hospital. As for the coffee itself, and where it comes from? I am not sure!

Learn more about Kings Craft here.