Nutmeg in a Nutshell

Nutmeg Cafe and Bakery is a hopping coffee shop and cafe, cheerful and decorated in farmhouse and bright oranges. It is pretty much more of a breakfast joint, but there is free wifi and lots of tables–but it was packed in the middle of the week.

Neighborhood: In Sabre Springs, off of 15 and Poway Rd.

When: April, 2019 in the morning through midday

Drink: Mexican Mocha and Lavender Iced Latte. Also tried a espresso chocolate scone.

Taste: Both were rich and delicious. The scone was very interesting and I liked it a lot. My housemate didn’t.

Craft: The iced latte was a little too sweet, I ended up dumping in plain iced coffee from home to water it down and by then it was watered down. 

Price: overall the coffee prices were normal, in the five dollar range. The menu looked a little more pricey, but still cheaper and atmosphere much preferred to a join like the Brokenness Yoke for brunch.

Ambiance: lively! 

Paraphernalia: I didn’t notice a lot for sale besides the bags of coffee, which weren’t too informational

Nutmeg in Poway

Social Good: Not ethically sourced from what I could figure out.

Shared: with my housemate!