In a phrase, Frost Me Cafe and Bakery had unique flavors in a classy place in a legit coffee shop. I also like it that they are actually open until 9pm, unlike so many local places.

I am not a fan of the name, but I think that was because I was thinking coffee shop–not bakery. However, there were people cake tasting next to us, and later I realized they won on an episode of cupcake wars, so I am assuming their bakery is a big part of their business. I didn’t notice a bakery vibe when I was ordering and now regret it, as I wish I also got a cupcake!


Edge of Little Italy, on a plaza overlooking the harbor. I guess there is another in Seaport Village.


Tuesday, April 29, 2019  


Mexican Mocha and Cardamom Orange Latte.


Honestly, the orange latte made us both immediately think, “Winnie the Pooh,” which is good, I guess? Although it wasn’t even their honey latte (which they have). There were real orange peels in the coffee, which was interesting. I wasn’t a fan of the chunks, but I appreciated the realness of it.

The Mexican Mocha was perfect. Not too spicy, but we had a strange annoying conversation with the barista telling us the Mexican Mochas aren’t spicy–but theirs is. Their Mexican Mocha tasted just as spicy as every other one I’ve had. However, it’s taste was particularly good.


Pretty typical espresso-making from what I could tell, but they do nitro brew and some of the other unique stuff.


$5 for twelve ounces. I wish the drinks were 16 ounces.


The space was beautiful. There were navy blue wall tiles, a glass case of decadent cakes, a nice bar with foot rest, and outdoor section overlooking the harbor, with open doors. It was actually very classy, although a little small. However, as it usually isn’t raining here (although on this day it was) this probably isn’t an issue.

One strange feature was that there was an elevator–I am assuming for those who live upstairs. I would get coffee there everyday!

I also loved a section in the corner with cozy seats and a bar looking into a window of their bakery. It was very separate, but a cool way to give you a peak into the desert making process.


All I noticed was some coffee pictured here you could buy.

Social Good:

They informed me that all their coffee was direct trade, roasted from Ritual Coffee in San Francisco.


I went there with my housemate.