In a phrase, Mostra Coffee in Caramel Mountain serves smooth, finely crafted coffee in a baroque meets country chic place.



Caramel Mountain, between Costco and the 15.


Friday, April 26, 2019


Crème Brûlée Latte and Campfire Mocha. You can see their full menu here.


Smooth yet still rich; I particularly liked it.


I am no barista, but I am going to say excellent. They roast their coffee across the street and it was like watching a beautiful art form. Not only did the barista use a legitimate flame thrower (there’s gotta be a name for this) to caramelize the top, but he then also poked holes in the top to get the coffee flavor through the cracked surface. Never seen that before, but it makes sense!




$5, the classic price for good brew here.


The space was beautiful, but it had less seating options than I would have liked. I moved tables 3x, and had a glare in my eyes the whole few hours I was there. I think it would have been better for work alone space than a business meeting. They had these gorgeous, olive, Gothic-looking sofas embedded into the walls you could perch in, as well as a spectacular massive slab table. A few seats outdoors, and the bar and items for sell were set up fabulously on wall bookshelves.


Arranged beautifully to catch your eye, and I loved the “Today I’m Grateful” phrase on the mug (want one), but wasn’t thrilled with shirts or lack of options. It was a rather basic logo for a layered, deep emoting space.



Social Good:

All their coffee was direct trade. The barista didn’t seem to know more than that, but the back of their coffee bags seemed insinuate they treat their growers well.


Went there to meet my cohort in women’s ministry leadership, and she treated me!