I have to give the Starbucks in Scripps Ranch some love, simply because I visit them more than anywhere else because they are next to my kids’ schools. I prefer local shops for a variety of reasons, but there is still a place in my heart for Starbucks, having been my introduction to fancy coffee and because they are all over the globe, a consistent home away from home.

Why I love the Scripps Ranch Starbucks

At this shop, the staff are almost like my friends and they’ve always been good to me, letting me try new drinks for free, cleaning up an explosive spill, lending me a laptop cord when I had a dead brick on my hands. However, they moved accross the parking lot and now and almost three times the size and are a drive-thru. On their new location’s opening day, I decided to post something. Heck, I was even there when area managers came in with flowers and balloons, congratulating the staff. The party is on! (Too bad they aren’t giving away all their coffee for free–although on second thought it would be too busy for me to write this then.)

*Turns out their opening day wasn’t their GRAND opening day–in which there were more balloons, free samples and candy. Also, since the new opening I’ve discovered their internet isn’t always as good, but their manager is a sweetheart, helping me get refills and with doors as I am now on crutches.

Scripps Ranch Coffee Shop Review

Neighborhood: This Starbucks is right in Scripps Ranch Marketplace off Scripps-Poway Parkway and really close to I-15 (this is about 1/2 way between Escondido and Downtown SD for those not around here).

When: Today, their opening day was April 12th, 2019, but I’ve been coming here regularly since 2017 (same people and manager).

Drink: I got the class Grande iced coffee with whole milk and one pump of sweetener, because I work and can get countless refills. However, I’ve tried everything from the cold brews with sweet cream, to Maple and Juniper lattes here.

Taste: Like usual. And if it doesn’t taste like the Starbucks drink you’re used to, just ask them to remake it and they will.

Craft: How does Starbucks usually craft things? I know they got a new espresso machine and this is one of the locations that uses the flavor with the classic syrup, vs. the different flavor syrup bottles.

Price: Starbucks usual.

Ambience: Now this is the part you care about. This coffee shop changed a lot in the move across the parking lot. The other was small and cozy, with an outdoor patio space that was olive greens with San-Diego plants and tucked away.

Their outside space here is right on the road and drive-thru, which doesn’t really make it appealing (unless you like watching cars pass). Also, not good for kids running around, as there isn’t a fence.

This new location is obviously clean, and nicely furnished and crafted. They chose blues, tans, and light woods and and open ceiling. It feels safe–but big. Much bigger, like where you share massive tables with multiple people. The bar is huge and long–which I know the staff appreciates. There are also a lot more “comfy” seats with small tables between them, great for conversation, but not as good if you like your laptop at a table. If that is the case, expect to share your table with a stranger.

In other words, it is different and might pull in a different crowd than the neighborhood vibe from the last place. On the other hand, this is just the give and take of a new place, and it is lovely regardless.

Paraphernalia: Usual Starbucks stuff–especially California themed things.

Social Good: Starbucks says that all their coffee is ethically sourced, even though all of it isn’t fair trade (only a small amount is). Regardless, it would be worth studying at their website in depth if this interests you, how ethical is ethical? However, Starbucks does have a good track record of pouring into social good stuff and changing their policies to be more socially aware.

Shared: Usually when I come here, I meet my housemate and she gets my favorite iced coffee, and I branch out and get a lightly sweetened passion fruit tea, where I can drink both drinks to my heart’s content.