OB Beans Coffee Roasters

Overview: OB Beans Coffee Roasters had delicious coffee, is socially good, but the store itself smelled on the day we went.

Neighborhood: Not surprisingly, down the main drag on Ocean Beach, Newport Ave.

Parking: Really bad. We double parked for awhile until someone pulled out in front, but no different than the rest of OB.

When: December, 2018

Drink & Taste: I tried both a peppermint mocha (much better than Starbucks) and a cinnamon vanilla latte (not on the menu but they mentioned it).

Craft: They roast their own coffee.

Price: The average price for coffee in this area, about $5. However, I had a coupon from Entertainment to buy one getting one free.

Ambience: The atmosphere was cool and great for sitting and writing. However, inside it smelled…I hope it doesn’t always smell, but both myself and their person with me separately walked out of there mentioning that. It was really bad, like sewer.

Paraphernalia: They have a cute seagull with their logo. Their stuff would make a good souvenir or be a great locally inspired gift. You can also subscribe to their coffee here.

Social Good: What I loved most about this shop was their focus on social good. In fact, their tagline is “Doing good. Farm to cup.” I had a conversation with one of their managers about their mission and multiple ways they do this to make sure their coffee is produced sustainably.

This includes a clean water organization, who the founder of this coffee bar works with to bring clean water to the same areas they directly source their coffee from. I love that!

In addition, they also work with a group that empowers kids in poverty in Baja CA. The effect of their coffee development helps the local areas also come out of poverty. Cool stuff!

Shared: I gave coffee to my roomate.

OB Beans Coffee Roasters
4879 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 738-8151